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Carmel 2
God inspired items
for Your spiritual growth.

Every devotional item presented here comes from God's inspiration given to Catholic nuns and monks, who continuously work and pray for all the faithful, especially to those who will use these items.
Creating devotional items by the hands of consecrated persons is a continuation of over a thousand years of Catholic Church tradition.  Similar to artists during Medieval Times, the nuns and monks do not sign their art, because their intention is to serve God's Glory by catching as many Souls as possible for Heaven. Through these devotional items, the Catholic nuns and monks faithfully deliver Message received from God to those who will have Faith-The Message that is very different than the messages dictated by today's fashion, market, and media. 

From introduction of one of Monasteries: 

"Our monasteries continue tradition of a very old Order founded by St. Benedict of Nursia.  In the intention of St. Benedict, our monasteries practice the ideal of the first Jerusalem community in which "one spirit and one heart gave life to all believers" (Acts 4:32).
          Our spirituality is characterized above all by Christocentric, community life, prayer, especially liturgical, prayerful study of the Scriptures and serious work, both physical and mental. Our life is to be oriented towards God and to be in constant contact with Him. Through the monastic profession we bind ourselves in a unique and unrepeatable way to Christ, giving ourselves to Him in exclusive love.
          The focal point of each day is the Eucharist. By uniting with Christ in His Sacrifice for the glorification of the Father and for the salvation of the world, we wish to glorify with Him and through Him, and to satisfy the glory and holiness of the Divine Majesty in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar, and to compensate for offenses, ingratitude and indifference on the part of people in the most worthy possible manner.
          Our Lady is the model and guardian of our faithfulness in dedication to God. 
           Our main duty is to say the Office and constantly (day and night) adoration of the Blessed Sacrament; we change every hour in front of the Tabernacle. We give glory to the Lord on behalf of the whole Church. We extend our prayers to the whole world, to all people, especially those who turn to us for prayer - their joy, care and suffering. We pray for those who do not pray, who cannot, cannot or simply do not want to pray.
           The day passes in silence, prayer and work, and the hours of recreation, strengthening the bonds between the Sisters, are a time of relaxation and joy. Life in the community is very simple, quiet, focused, full of mutual help, joys and worries lived together. We form a family because we are united by one vocation.
           The source of our livelihood is the wafer shop. We bake hosts, messengers and Christmas wafers. In addition, the Sisters deal with various other works according to their talents, e.g. embroidery, painting pictures, making rosaries, sculptures."


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